Review of G-Switch

G-Switch game does not have fancy graphics, varied missions, difficult controls. You won’t have to gain in-depth knowledge of something in order to enjoy it. Here you depend solely on your own skills – reaction time and memory (It is impossible to reach the finish line in the “Play” mode at the first attempt, so you will have to remember where obstacles are placed in order to calculate timing faster). This is what makes the game very interesting and addictive.
The story focuses on a little g-switch man, who will keep running far away from his destiny as long as he can. There are a lot of obstacles and the only instrument – gravity switch is helping him avoid them. By pressing it the gravity gets inverted so he can jump up and down. Here comes your part – you must press the switch at the right moment in the right place in order to help him avoid obstacles thus staying on-screen.

G-Switch has three modes to play:

In the first, “Play” mode, your aim is to reach the finish line by passing 8 checkpoints. First few checkpoints are easy, but upon running closer to finish line, the game seems impossible to beat, here you will have to push your skills to max.

When you decide to improve your highscore, you can move on the second, “Endless” mode. Here things are different, there is no finish line, you will have to run as far as you can until g-switch man goes offscreen.

The last, multiplayer mode allows you to play side-by side with your friends. It supports up to 6 players simultaneously. Remember good old days, when you was challenging a friend in a game, when he is actually next to you? If not, now you have a great opportunity to experience the feeling.

Game Controls:

Use X or Left mouse button in order to activate switch.

Click anywhere outside the game in order to pause.

Click “Zero” to mute sound.

Use + /- buttons in order to sound up or down.

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